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At Slade's Funeral Homes we offer a wide variety of Copper, Bronze, Steel and Wooden Caskets. Offering families a variety of choice and costs.

copper casket   

Copper Caskets

These are semi-precious metals and come in 48oz and 32oz /sq ft. These are high end caskets and naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. These come with a locking mechanism with a one piece rubber gasket to completely seal the top.

metal casket

Metal Caskets

A metal casket is also sometimes referred to as a "protective casket" because of its sealing feature. When closing the casket a locking mechanism tightens the lids in place where there is a one-piece rubber gasket that lines the inner lid and seals together when closed. This protective seal protects the deceased from the entrance of air and other gravesite elements. Metal caskets come in many different colors and styles, offering a variety of prices.

wood casket

Wood Caskets

Woods are constructed using many different types of hard wood, soft wood and wood veneer construction. Different color treatment with lustrous satin finishes, curved corners, round corners and square corners. Handles are made of wood or metal, swing bar or stationary handles. Interiors are made of crepe and satin interiors.